Coaching for Performance

Monday 29 & Tuesday 30 May, 2017   MCG Melbourne, Australia






Final confirmation of the program still to come.
Click here for the provisional version.

In addition to the keynote speakers already confirmed - Professor Lea Waters (AUS), Dr Rachel Lofthouse (UK), Andy Buck (UK), Dr Simon Breakspear (AUS) and Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh (UK) - a range of concurrent sessions will be offered that will include:

• Extended, practical breakout sessions by keynote presenters

Skill development sessions with separate streams designed to build coaching skills for both beginning and experienced coaches led by leading Growth Coaching International facilitators

Case study sessions describing specific coaching implementation stories from school practitioners across Australia and the region

• Sessions outlining the latest Australian coaching in education research studies

• Sessions exploring topics relevant to all the 'portals' in the Global Framework* for Coaching in Education, providing an overview of the various 'conversational contexts' where coaching can be applied in schools in relation to:

• leadership
• teaching practice
• student success and wellbeing

Each of these 'portals', or entry points, provide 'a way into' coaching in school settings. Some participants might first be drawn to explore coaching in relation to enhancing teaching practice; others might initially be interested in exploring coaching as a highly practical form of leadership development; others might be considering coaching in the context of student well-being and positive education approaches.